From Frankfurt to Beijing to Bologna to Cairo to all across the US and many other places worldwide, the international publishing community thrives on the share of ideas, with these cities and many more playing host each year. The spread of ideas from publisher to publisher, market to market, and country to country is limited only by the capacity of time we have to share the ideas, and with many international book fairs being limited to but a few days each, time is not necessarily on the side of those doing the sharing. It's with this in mind that we offer PubMatch-the publishing industry's first international rights network.

PubMatch is a partnership between Publishers Weekly and The Combined Book Exhibit Family of Companies. Publishers Weekly is an institution in not only the US publishing market, but in the worldwide publishing arena, where it leads the charge in reporting, commentary and it's world renowned reviews and announcements. The Combined Book Exhibit Family of Companies has under its belt over a century of experience in the publishing industry - specifically in the arena of trade shows, marketing and connecting publishers for the exchange of ideas - The Combined Book Exhibit (founded 1933) and sister company and organizer of the USA Pavilion, the American Collective Stand (founded 1983) have traveled the country and the world experiencing the international publishing industry first-hand. Watching, participating in, and reporting on the business deals done in these different venues inspired us to create a venue for such business dealings and connections to be available 365 days a year.

In the same realm as an international book fair, where ideas are shared across a worldwide platform, we're happy to launch as a way for like minded companies with like minded goals keep their business going between the trade shows, and still find new partners as if they were right on the show floor!

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