BCBF Global Rights Exchange

Global Rights Exchange


After you have registered, you must upload at least one title or one catalog for your profile to be seen on the exhibitors directory.

The GRE is open to:

Previously Registered Exhibitors and Visitors in the 2020 GRE
If you were registered in 2020 you will need to update your login and password information. We will no longer allow email addresses to be used as login credentials. Once logged in you will need to edit your profile and update your login credentials with a unique login. This can be any combination of letters or numbers. You will initially login with the email address used in 2020 with your password. It will automatically bring you to your “Edit Profile” tab in your profile where you will update your login information. Once saved you can begin using the GRE. If you have forgotten your password, please click the “Forgot Password” button to retrieve it.

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New Registrations for 2021
All new GRE exhibitors or visitors will need to register by clicking the box below. Once registered, the BCBF team will review your registration to see if you are a publisher, agent, scout, licensee, licensor or developer to approve your entry in the GRE. Once approved you will receive an email with the link to login to your dashboard and begin using the GRE.

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If you register as an Exhibitor, you will be able to upload titles and catalogs to your exhibitor profile. If you are registering as a visitor you will not be able to upload content to your visitor listing but will be able to use the new chat and video features and send messages to others on the platform.