BCBF Global Rights Exchange

The Bologna Global Rights Exchange (GRE) is open to Publishers, Literary Agents, Scouts, Licensees, Licensors, Developers, Licensing Agencies, Audio-visual Producers, Promotion and Services.

Bologna Global Rights Exchange

Welcome to the 4th Edition of the newly updated Bologna Global Rights Exchange

Continuing with the success of past editions of the Bologna Global Rights Exchange, dedicated exclusively to international rights, distribution, licensing and content.

GRE will continue with a number of improvements and enhancements to the platform that can be used year round for meetings and easy access to other rights and licensing professionals. Introduced in 2022, GRE now also includes BolognaBookPlus, which runs in parallel to Bologna children’s Book Fair, providing a rights trading opportunity for the wider general trade audience across the global publishing industry.

Improved features include:

  • Translation for Chat: All users will now have the option to use the chat function in a number of different languages, either for 121 or in group chat.
  • Instant Video Meetings: Exhibitors can now instantly click a button to go into a video chat without having to schedule a Zoom type video meeting. Screen sharing is also available within the video chat.
  • Exhibitor Meeting Invitations: All GRE exhibitors will receive unlimited passes to invite non-GRE registered publishers and agents to attend meetings and to use the platform for up to 24 hours.
  • The Bologna Licensing Trade Fair/Kids: Launched in 2021, the BLTF/Kids area includes search criteria for licensing specific types of brands, age levels and much more. This special licensing “virtual” zone is the place to learn what is new in licensing brands and properties.
  • NEW - The BolognaBookPlus: BBPlus extends its reach via GRE to offer rights trading opportunities across general trade publishers and agents
  • NEW - GRE now hosts its very own blog looking at international industry news, key trends, and interviews. Recommendations always welcome!
  • NEW - GRE now allows live-streamed content to be played through the GRE platform.

Other features include:

  • Improved search function that specifically targets the children’s book market and allow users to find content by subject, topic, age level, profession, collective stand name and more.
  • An easy-to-use automated process to upload titles, covers and pdf files either individually or in bulk (for exhibitors only).
  • Identify titles to highlight on the publisher profile (for exhibitors only).
  • Ability to upload your rights catalogue or to create custom digital catalogues showcasing titles of interest by genre, bestsellers, age level, etc. (for exhibitors only).
  • Improved messaging system to connect with buyers and sellers.
  • Improved and easy to use dashboard to manage titles, meetings and messages.