An Espresso with Andre Breedt, Nielsen BookData

BolognaBookPlus catches up with some of its broad community, ranging from exhibitors to speakers and partners, for a quick interview in the time it takes to have an Espresso. Read their views on books, publishing, food, and more! Today we catch up with Andre Breedt, Managing Director at Nielsen Book.





What are you reading at the minute?

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. Great Science Fiction.

What is the best thing about going to international book fairs?

The people! Both serious meetings and socialising is best done in person. Great food also doesn’t hurt.

What was your first job in the book world?

Bookseller at a South African Bookshop called Fascination & Incredible Books.

Is your reading preference for physical books, audio, ebooks, and why?

Depends where I am, travelling; ebooks on a smart phone, at home a physical book. Audio for very specific occasions, still prefer music to narration. Though kids audio books for long drives are life savers. All formats have their place.

What is your favourite Italian food?


What is your favourite film based on a book?

The Lord of the Rings extended edition, all three parts.

What do you consider to be publishing’s greatest threat at the minute, and why?

Large Language Model generated text and piracy. The industry already struggles with a constant barrage of scraped piracy, this is set to grow exponentially. Clear sensible rules need to be set and agreed, globally. And then somehow enforced.

What has been your favourite book in translation, and who was the translator?

Like many of these questions, it's almost impossible to choose. Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin, translated by Ken Liu.

What one thing would make your job significantly easier?

If everyone would use ISBN’s as unique identifiers properly. It is a great standard, we should be proud of it and use it!