An Espresso with Ioannis Kranias, Entypois Publications

BolognaBookPlus catches up with some of its broad community, ranging from exhibitors to speakers and partners, for a quick interview in the time it takes to have an Espresso. Read their views on books, publishing, food, and more! Today we catch up with Ioannis Kranias, from Entypois Publications.





What are you reading at the minute?

A historical text that has been suggested to me for publication. «Unfortunately», 90 percent of the books I read are proposals for publication.


What is the best thing about going to international book fairs?

The exchange of ideas and discussions with colleagues, discovering new titles... and a good wine and good food, mainly in Bologna...


What was your first job in the book world?

My first job in the book industry was typesetting and designing a book cover... but my dream since I was fourteen has been to become a publisher...


What is your favourite Italian food?

Italian pasta in every variation, carbonara, with mushrooms and truffle.


What is your favourite film based on a book?

The Lord of the Rings.


What would be your favourite holiday destination?

I think anyone who has read up to here suspects it... but of course, Italy, and especially Siena and Florence. Renaissance, the Middle Ages, good food, and a glass of Chianti...